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placa de sant jaume
Barcelona's Gothic Quarter is the heart of the old city. The center of the quarter is the Placa de Sant Jaume. The quarter was once enclosed within Roman walls parts of which still remain. A partial Roman aquaduct structure can be seen on the north side of the Placa.


The quarter offers magnificent examples of stone construction described as Catalan Gothic. This marvelous style is displayed in the public buildings such as the Cathedral, the Government Office and the Royal Palace.
cathedral of barcelona

The Cathedral of Barcelona located in the heart
of the Gothic Quarter was built between 1298 and 1450. It honors Santa Eulalia and contains beautifully carved choir stalls and the Chapel of Santo Cristo.

gothic roman aquaduct catalonia

The Catedral de la Sagrada Familia can properly be called Barcelona's signature piece. It was begun in 1882 and will be completed (hopefully) before the the year 2100. The twelve spires representing the twelve apostles reach over three hundred feet in the sky. The Sagrada Familia is the work of Antono Gaudi whose designs combine stone, metal and ceramics in a commanding fashion.


The first side of the Sagrada Familia is done in what we can call "Gaudi Gothic" with classic statuary amid a plastiform structure.


The second side is in deep contrast to the first. This modern sculpture is breathtakingly beautiful and rich in symbolism.

las Ramblas
Left:Monument Colon at the foot of Las Ramblas.

Below: A view of Barcelona harbor from Montjuic.


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